Reasons to Book

Along with being fully insured and a non-profit 501(c)(3), here are some more reasons to book Mr. Peace!

1) Authenticity

“Sometimes the only thing you remember, or want to remember, is someone’s heart!” – Mr. Peace

Mr. Peace keeps it real.  The saying, “Nobody cares how much you know (or what you have to say) until they know how much you care”, definitely rings true with every assembly.  It’s evident Mr. Peace cares, and has something vested in the well-being of each person he has the honor of speaking to.  Starting each talk with, “Please know that every breath I take will be worth your time”, it is Mr. Peace’s goal to be as vulnerable as he can, to touch as many lives as possible, by reaching his audience at the heart level!

2) Experience

Mr. Peace has a proven track record.  As shown in the map below, he has spoken now to over 1,000,000 people in over 1,100 schools (and counting) in 20 states nationwide.  Having performed in so many different venues and settings, and in front of every crowd size, age and background imaginable, Mr. Peace stands out as one of the top youth motivational speakers in the country.  His dream of speaking in all 50 states one day continues to fuel his passion for bringing a positive message wherever he goes!

3) Relatability

“Mr. Peace is the most relatable speaker of his generation!” – Jim Tuman, International Youth Speaker

Mr. Peace meets you where you’re at.  Thru the use of his hip-hop talents, humorous skits and heartfelt stories, he excels at relating to any demographic.  Whether it’s a family night with ages 5 to 105, a group of parents or teachers, an all grades (i.e., K-5, K-8, K-12) assembly or just certain ones (i.e., K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12), he can always find common ground.  By incorporating interactive participation, experiential exercises and motivational multimedia (i.e., photos, videos, music), Mr. Peace will leave your community inspired!

4) Customization

“Mr. Peace not only met our expectations, he exceeded them by far!” – Chris Thompson, Principal

Mr. Peace uniquely tailors every talk to meet your personal needs.  Tackling the tough situations facing our youth, he offers a wide variety of presentation topics that can be choreographed to any circumstance.  Focusing on each individual environment, he maximizes efforts to address your desires (i.e., tie in to school mission/motto, bullying problem, overcoming loss, combination of themes, etc.).  So, whatever issues your organization may be dealing with, let Mr. Peace help make your next event a success!

5) Lasting Impact

“Mr. Peace has positively changed our entire school culture!” – Kristin Smith, Guidance Counselor

Mr. Peace doesn’t just come present and then leave.  He strives to keep the initial momentum (that was created during his visit) going by recommending multiple follow-up measures.  The imprint Mr. Peace leaves is far reaching, thru his extensive and comprehensive approach.  From staying after with students for extra 1 on 1 time, to coming back for a return visit, to providing effective ways to “sustain the spark” (i.e., schoolwide kindness pledge, video discussion playlist, etc.), your community will improve!