Bringing Mr. Peace to speak at your school is a worthwhile investment in your students and staff, and it has the potential to be a defining moment for the entire community.  That said, we work very hard to allow for as many people as possible to hear this entertaining and life-changing message, by making our programs affordable and doing our best to accommodate your budget.  Contact Mr. Peace for a quick quote.  Better yet, fill out a booking form and he will contact you!

Short on funds and need some ideas?
Here are some creative ways to make the budget work:

1) Share The Cost

Team up with another local school in your district on the same day and same location and split the speaking fee (and travel costs if applicable) right down the middle.  For this to work, one school must transport their students and staff to the other’s facility, or both meet at a local venue together.  The net result is an exceptional value for you, as combining reaches more hearts while leading to an overall greater impact!

2) Book With Area Schools

If the same day and location doesn’t work, try to team up with another local school (or several) within the same time frame (i.e., 1 school in the AM and 1 in the PM on the same day, different schools on back to back weekdays, etc.).  This reduces the daily price for the schools involved by applying a discount for each additional booking.  Plus, it helps Mr. Peace talk to even more students and educators in a shorter window!

3) Find Local Sponsors

Identify 6-8 local businesses, organizations or individuals who you feel could support your efforts (i.e., Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimist, Lions or Elks Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Family-Owned Restaurants, Neighbors, Bank or Educational Foundations, Private Foundations with a focus on Youth Development, etc.).  Then, go visit them in person and ask them to financially back the program (or even a portion of it).  Further, let them know when they donate to a school, it is considered a tax write off.  Lastly, offer them something in return (i.e., feature as title sponsor, incorporation into materials, banner of thanks, logo shown at event, letting them introduce Mr. Peace, etc.).  Local businesses and civic organizations want their names associated positively with helping schools and this is an excellent way to make that happen!

4) Check With Your School’s Funds

Get the financial assistance you need from the school resources you already have.  Check with your administration about the various funds in your school’s current structures (ex: Associated Student Body accounts, Title VI funds, Curriculum Budgets, etc.).  Since many schools use their curriculum budget to pay for assemblies, and since Mr. Peace’s programs come with follow-up curriculum that directly benefits your students, it can be funded as a curriculum expense.  Additionally, you can contact your school’s PTO or PTA and share your plans with them to see if they can provide some monetary aid.  Finally, invite relevant campus clubs to participate in this collaborative, fundraising project as well to make this dream a reality!

5) Look For Federal Funding

Get the federal government to offset or completely cover the cost.  The federal government distributes millions of dollars annually to schools in support of programs benefiting students, and depending on your desired theme (i.e., integrating the speaker’s message into Cultural Awareness Week, Red Ribbon Week, Bullying Prevention Month, etc.), federal grant money may be available.  You can also contact local organizations that may have already secured grant funding and ask for their help (i.e., Criminal Justice Department or Department of Public Safety may have funds allocated for mental health efforts, child welfare, youth-mentoring programs, suicide prevention, etc.).  If applying on your own, identify what grants are available based on your topic, then simply apply for those grants.  Here’s a few links to get you started: