It’s one thing to just do an assembly, but it’s a whole other standard to find ways to keep the initial momentum that was created alive.  Mr. Peace does just that and more by offering a number of creative follow-up ideas to continue to reinforce the message and encourage positive behavior even after he’s gone.  From custom apparel for your students and staff to inspirational video clips to community-wide kindness initiatives, Mr. Peace believes the potential solutions he provides (to not have his programs be another ‘two week high’ then back to normal) will do wonders at helping your school sustain the spark!

Here’s just a few of those follow-up ideas as shown in the videos below.

1) Schoolwide Kindness Pledge

2) Event Pictures Around The School

3) Kindness Poster Contest

4) Schoolwide Theme Posters

5) Kindness Door Decorating Contest

6) Post-Assembly Discussion Videos

7) Start A ‘Mr. Peace’ (Kindness) Club

8) Time With Students Post-Program

9) Return Visit On Another Theme

Main Assemblies

10) Talk About The Talk

Discussion Handouts

11) Wear The Message

Online Store

12) Online Student Support

Contact Mr. Peace